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BitRadio: Earn Free Bitcoin By Streaming Your Favorite Music



At Bitradio, you can listen to your favorite music and earn money.

By streaming radio stations at BitRadio you’ll be earning tokens (BRO), which are paid out hourly. These coins can be traded at exchanges and exchanged into any currency you want.
You will also get a share of all USD, EUR and BRO revenue from banner advertisement on the site.
Options for earning BRO

Listen to radio stations
-> For each second you listen to a web radio, you get awarded activity points. Each hour, those get exchanged into BRO and paid out to your wallet.

Bitradio is a proof of stake coin
-> Hold your coins in your wallet, and you will earn 0,50 BRO per block which is getting mined via POW

Master node
-> Each user with at least 2.500 coins can run a master node. You earn 0,5 BRO per block.

Referral system (3-tier)
-> Get new users on board and earn activity points when they listen to streams. These extra activity points will get paid out hourly as well.
How to get started:

1. Register your account here

2. Download wallet, install it on your computer. Once installed, click ‘Receive’ and get a wallet address.

3. Go back to the website and add your wallet address to your profile

4. Start listening to the radio station of your choice





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