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ETF for crypto world becomes reality! This is your chance to be a part of it.

First Crypto ETF (FCTF) will allow everyone instead of buying several coins simply buy one token which will represent basket of top traded high demand coins. Through pre-ICO and ICO First Crypto ETF pool sources for building infrastructure, programming, evangelistic and marketing costs and for creating initial basket of crypto currencies which will be sold through tokens on crypto exchanges. After 3 months period from launch of Crypto ETF on exchanges, first buyback of FCTF tokens will be offered.





Nakamotox: NakamotoX is the next generation bitcoin and digital asset trading platform. 
Their goal is to provide the highest quality, low fee and maximum user friendly interface experience (simple enough for beginners, customizable for professionals. And all of that on top state of the art technology stack with maximum reliability and security currently possible.






ZuPago Hybrid (HD) Wallet is one of the most innovative and fastest growing Online Wallet for a good reason – becoming our member will give you the unique access to a whole range of top quality features combined with the innovative approach to payment processing that emphasizes simplicity, quickness, and security.








Daily Crypto News: Daily Crypto Coin news and reviews. Find the latest tips and the hottest new coins.




SmartBitcoinInvestments.com is the Internet's #1 resource for Bitcoin investment tips, guides, and strategies. We also share in-depth knowledge on Bitcoin financial services such as Marketplaces, Exchanges, IRAs, Loans and more!






LowCap Club is a cryptocoin platform for supporting cryptocoin development.
We focus on helping independent development teams and coins with a low market cap.
Visit http://LowCap.club for info.






The Bestchange exchanger monitoring service provides exhaustive information on selected exchangers starting from the most important thing – the exchange rate – and ending with the exchanger reserve and its business level – a kind of reliability index given to the participating exchanger by the WebMoney system.









On BitcoinAutomatic You Can Find Loads Of Tips On How To Earn Bitcoin Fast, Free and On Autopilot!






Coinbase is one of the most trusted online wallets.

Register for your account and purchase $100 worth of Bitcoin and get $10 for FREE!