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UCoin Cash – New ICO Launches November 15th



WEBSITE LINK: http://btc2c.com/ucoincash

IMPORTANT: ICO Sale Starts in Less Than 6 Hours! Don’t miss this!

I found an ICO I wanted to share and that I feel stands out from the rest. This ICO is called​​ UCOINCASH.

The total coin supply is low at only 31,000 million, which shows a coin that will increase in value. The focus of UCOINCASH
is to build a lending platform where people can utilize their own exchange and later on be added to external exchanges.
But there’s much more to UCoinCash.

You can read everything you need to know at the site.



uCoin Cash


The UCoin ICO launches later today (November 15th, 2017), and will start at $0.8 per token – Be sure to get involved and claim your piece of the pie!

You can read the whitepaper here

Please be aware: UCoin Cash is high risk with potentially high rewards so do not invest / gamble anything you can’t afford to lose!





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