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Bitrad.io Review: Earn BTC Listening To Music




BitRad.io Website link: http://btc2c.com/bitradio

What Is BitRad.io?

BitRad.io is a site that allows you to earn cryptocurrency (BRO) by listening to your favourite music.
Simply register for the site and choose one of the 30 000 (!) radio stations to listen to. You can keep it running in the background while you’re doing other stuff.

Every second you stream your favorite radio station you earn activity points. Every hour 120.00 BRO (4 per Block) will go to users who listen to music.

Bitradio has his own official wallet, in which you can keep your earned BRO safe.

BRO can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin on exchanges like Cryptopia, Novaexchange and Trade Satoshi.

This is the ultimate way to earn free cryptocurrency.


Sign up and start earning here: http://btc2c.com/bitradio




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