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Join CrazeBTC and Turn $7 in to $27,000 A Month



Are you tired of getting scammed in PTC, HYIP and other websites?

Then listen up, because I found out about an awesome way to earn $27,000 monthly by just spending $7.
Completely legal, and completely legit.

I know this may sound crazy, but it is not!

One simple payment of 0.01BTC ($7) and a minimum on effort can turn into an autopilot cash machine.
(Remember, $7 is what you pay for a piece of pizza or a burger on a regular night out. Today is your chance to use it and take your chance on making loads of money.)

CrazeBTC is a brand new, revolutionary site that provides a genious system for everyone to make 38BTC from a tiny investment of 0.01BTC ($7).
And even more… This $7 is not paid to CrazeBTC, but to a member like you and me!


Let me tell you how it works:

If you agree to sign up through my link and register your account, you’ll be required to upgrade your account to ‘Level 1’ for 0.01BTC, just like I did.
Like I said before, you won’t be paying this to the site, but directly to me.

Once you’ve upgraded your account, you grab your affiliate link and get 5 other people to join through your link.
You see, there’ll be no need for giant marketing campaigns that’ll cost a lot of money: all you need are 5 people that can see the amazing possibilities of this system.
The 5 referrals you make, will upgrade their account, and will be paying their 0.01BTC to you – the money will go straight to your Bitcoin wallet. And there’s your first 0.05BTC.


Next, you’l have to upgrade to ‘Level 2’, which will cost you 0.03BTC, but since you’ve received 0.05BTC from your referrals, nothing extra has to come out of your own pocket.

And level 2 is where the pasive earning starts…

Your 5 referrals will each sign up 5 new people, which will all pay their initial 0.01BTC directly to their referrer, but will pay their level 2 payment directly to YOU – ALL 25 of them. That’s 0.75 BTC without having to do any work…

The same system is applied in level 3, which adds up to a total of 38BTC ($27000).
And since this is a monthly subscription system, those 38BTC will arrive in your wallet every month again…

So in short, all you have to do is sign up, pay your upgrade fee and get 5 others to do the same.
If everyone follows the guidelines, everyone will earn very good money.

If you’re still a bit confused, check out the picture below which shows you how it works.



If everyone follows the guidelines‘ is probably the most important phrase of this message….
Since one is not allowed to sign up more than 5 referrals, it is important that everyone follows the system.
So please DO NOT SIGN UP if you’re not willing to join…
(But then again, why wouldn’t you want to join. It’s just 7 bucks we’re talking about here… less than most of us spend on breakfast…)






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